To separate

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to separate: separar, dividir, apartar
Bruno was separated from his parents at a young age. Bruno foi separado de seus pais quando ainda era criança.

separate: diferente, a parte, distinto
The strike is a separate issue. We'll discuss that later. A greve é um problema à parte. Iremos discuti-la mais tarde.
These are separate contracts. Esses são contratos diferentes.
Susie and Philip took separate planes to the conference in Chicago. Susie e Philip pegaram aviões diferentes para a conferência em Chicaco.


  • "Property one has a shared garden rather than a private one and a kitchenette rather than a separate kitchen."
  • "But though our countries are separated by the Atlantic, there is a strong bond which unites all of us in this room;"
  • "My father and I had gone out for a walk in the local forest and we got separated."
  • "Also, I'd prefer the kitchen to be separate from the reception rooms. All rooms should be light and airy and pet-friendly as I have a lot of cats, and so the front door must also have a cat flap."
  • "Guest bedroom with separate bathroom"
  • "Horatio : You can see that my chemicals are all separated and arranged according to the alphabet."
  • "Bruno : Um, that'll be two separate rooms please."

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