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Tradução & Definição

unexpected: inesperado, imprevisto

expected: esperado, previsto
Pronunciation examples
UK: I received an unexpected visit from the Police.
US: The welcome I received from my cell-mate was completely unexpected.


  • "I have some new and unexpected good luck."
  • "The takeover was an unexpected blow to the family-run business that could mark the end of a century of locally-tailored Italian couture."
  • "The American government cited increasing consumer demand and a stagnant economy as reasons for the unexpected decision."
  • "The marketing department, you see, has a flexible budget which accounts for the unpredictable expenses of publicity campaigns, endorsements and travel, so this outlay is not entirely unexpected."
  • "The announcement came as a major shock to EU Commission officials, who were stunned by this unexpected development."
  • "For example, his repeated assertions concerning the absence of monkeys in his laboratory were quite unexpected."
  • "Philip : Huh, unexpected."
  • "What we need is some new and unexpected good luck!"
  • "It all started in Guatemala, where we had an unexpected layover."
  • "That music was very unexpected."

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