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with: com
I will go with you. Eu irei com você.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Are you with me or against me?
US: I live with my mother.
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  • "with the doors closed."
  • "As you all know, we recently lost our CEO Bruno Delavigne, and shortly afterwards our interim CEO Susan Bliss, who ran off with Bruno after a very interesting wedding in London."
  • "Icarus : Using high pitch frequencies emitted by the global positioning device in Bruno's helicopter, and then cross referencing them both with the amount of fuel in the helicopter as well as all known latitude and longitudes in both the eastern and western hemispheres, I was able to project Bruno and Susie's trajectory and landing location within one kilometer!"
  • "Do you have to bring that stuff with you on every trip, Horatio?"
  • "Good luck with my company!"
  • "I'm washing them - with soap."
  • "Jean : Dinner with Mamie!"
  • "with fisticuffs, you know, the Queensberry rules."
  • "Philip : Discothèque with French chicks!"
  • "All this information is stored in a unique spreadsheet (with lots of pretty colors!"

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