Either and neither


Either and neither


•  Either意思为'两个都','一个',而neither意思为'一个都不','没有一个'。Either用在否定句结构中, 而neither用在肯定句结构中。
- I'm broke. What about you? - 我没有钱了。你有吗?
- I don't have any money either. - 我也没钱了。
- Neither do I. - 我也没有。
- I have never been to Spain. - 我从来没去过西班牙。
- I haven't been there either. - 我也没去过那儿。
或者Neither have I.我也没有过。
This guy hates Americans, and he doesn't like French people either. 这个人憎恶美国人,而他也不喜欢法国人。
•  Either...Or and Neither...Nor

•  Either...Or ('一个或其它')用在肯定句中,来提供两种可能的选择。或者用来表达因果关系:
I can serve you either a hot chocolate, or a glass of chilled white wine. 我可以给你提供热巧克力,或者一杯冰冻白葡萄酒。
Either you tell me everything you know, or I'll take you to court. 你要是不对我交代你知道的所有事情,我就会把你告上法庭。
•  Neither...Nor ('不...也不...')用作否定结构:
I have neither the time nor the patience to listen to your stories. 我既没时间也没耐心听你讲故事。
Neither one nor the other. 不是这个也不是另一个
There are boats on either side of the river. 河两边都有船。
Neither of my daughters is single. 我的两个女儿都不是单身。
I can stay, or I can go. Either way, I'll be happy. 我可以留,也可以走。无论哪种方式,我都会开心。
记住: neither与动词单数形式一起用:
Neither Kevin nor Philip is gay.凯文和菲利普都不是搞基的。
Neither of us has to go to work tomorrow. 我们明天都不用去上班。


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