The main uses of 'from'


The main uses of 'From'

•  来源:
Where are you from? 你来自于哪里?
I am from Norway. 我来自挪威。
a train from London 一辆伦敦始发的火车
(与a train to London一辆终点为伦敦的火车,含义相反)
•  时间或空间上的起点
from Paris to Dakar 从巴黎到达喀尔
from Monday to Friday从周一到周五
from November 1st until December 5th 从十一月一日到十二月五日
•  原因:
She died from a gunshot wound to the ankle. 她死于脚踝处的枪伤。
Bruno suffers from a strange disease. 布鲁诺患了一种奇怪的病。
I'm still a little drunk from all the champagne I drank yesterday. 我昨天喝的香槟使得我现在还有点醉。
He still has a scar from his car accident years ago. 他几年前车祸留下的疤痕还在。
•  参考:
From what I read in the newspapers, he's still alive. 从报纸中我得知,他仍然活着。
From his point of view, the company isn't pursuing all the possible opportunities abroad. 从他的观点出发,公司并没有抓住国外的所有机遇。
•  一些成语:
from time to time 时不时地
from now on 从今往后
to stop (somebody) from (doing something) 阻止某人做某事


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