To go


To go

使用to go的常见结构:

•  to go to
Tonight we will go to the movies.(美式) 今晚我们去电影院看电影。
(to go to the pictures, to go to the cinema 英式)
•  be going to,用作助词来表达未来:
I'm going to go to the mall this afternoon. 今天下午我会去购物中心。
Bruno is going to travel to France this summer. 布鲁诺这个夏天要去法国旅行。
•  to go and do something 去做某事:
Would you like to go and see a movie with me sometime? 你愿意什么时候跟我出去看电影吗?
•  to go+-ing形式的动词(动名词)
to go shopping 去购物
to go skiing 去滑雪
•  to go for:
to go for a walk 出去散步
to go for a drink 出去喝一杯
注意to go可以有其他含义:
to go crazy 变疯
to go bankrupt 破产
How's it going? 你过得怎样?


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