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a record (in sports): un record (sportif)
Pelé has broken many records in the game of soccer. Pelé a battu plusieurs records dans le monde du football.
a (Prince) record: un disque (de Prince)
I have all of the Beatles' records. J'ai tous les disques des Beatles.
a record: un dossier, une archive, une trace
Our records show that you have been consistently late paying your phone bills. Nos archives montrent que vous êtes toujours en retard pour payer vos factures de téléphone.
to record (a new single): enregistrer (un nouveau titre)


  • "Accountants have lots of money, so they can buy our record!"
  • "Tonight, with a bit of luck, I am going to record the secret lives of the rich and famous!"
  • "I have no record of your death, Mr. Cheeter."
  • "You want me to record an album?"
  • "No one was hurt during the revolution but the country did record its first ever act of violence when the former President's bodyguard was slightly pushed."
  • "After six months of record sales, Philip was awarded the position of Director, which he held ever since."
  • "While I'm gone, I want you to record a few of my favorite television programs. Are you ready to note this down?"
  • "Bruno : Lastly, on Thursday from 11.45pm until a quarter past midnight, please record the best cooking show on TV – "Sex in the Kitchen"."
  • "Mr. Cheeter, I don't have any record of you being eaten by a bear in my files."
  • "Make a hit musical record."

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