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an ability: une capacité, une compétence
Horatio has a remarkable ability to create fine perfumes. Horatio a cette capacité exceptionnelle de créer des parfums raffinés.
to be able to (do something): être capable de, pouvoir (faire qq chose)
I am able to run 10 miles a day. Je peux courir 10 miles par jour.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Oh no, I've lost the ability to smell!
US: His inability to answer the questions led to his firing.


  • "We have a very knowledgeable and efficient staff that will help you to increase your company's ability to be eco-friendly in all areas."
  • "Things we DO take into account: Employment history and experience (including references), performance, academic record, competences (knowledge, skill, and abilities), suitability for the job in question."
  • "Beyond this, Mr. Feltchenheimer's ability to handle difficult situations with a calm and composed demeanor leads me to believe that he is our most serious prospect."
  • "Nevertheless, I feel that this job would be a perfect fit for my skills and abilities, and that I would definitely be a value-added addition to your company."
  • "You put your faith in my abilities to make perfumes, and you gave me a chance to have creative control of products with your family's name upon them. And you got me working papers."
  • "Doctor von Headcold : I'm afraid... you've lost your ability to smell!"
  • "Bruno : I had this terrible dream where I lost my ability to smell!"
  • "I have the utmost confidence in Brian's abilities."
  • "Right, because I don't have the ability to cause cancer do I?"
  • "Bruno named me the interim CEO perhaps because he has more confidence in my ability to lead than, let's say, yours for example."

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