Traduction Above all

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Above all (I want to remain friends!): Surtout, Par dessus tout (je veux que l'on reste amis !)
And above all, have a good time! Et surtout amusez-vous bien!


  • "Bruno : And above all, you know how his mind works."
  • "Before you enter, you may want to put on this protective mask, and above all, don't look him in the eyes!"
  • "Alice Gray : Well, I'm reliable, hardworking, efficient and, above all, I'm an excellent cleaner."
  • "Such passion, such drama, and above all, what beautiful language!"
  • "Philip : I am indeed lucky to have met a woman who shares my love of feminist literature, my strict vegetarian diet and above all, who shares my belief in a monogamous marriage built on celibacy."

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