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(to study) abroad: (étudier) à l'étranger
adverb, adjective
I'm going to study abroad. Je vais étudier à l'étranger.


  • "Jean : But we are already living and working abroad!"
  • "In the mid-90s, Shmike was one of the hottest stocks on the market: their products were dominant domestically and abroad."
  • "Universidad de la República, Study Abroad Office, Montevideo, Uruguay"
  • "I would like to get some more facts and figures about our subcontractors, and the conditions of the workers in our manufacturing plants abroad."
  • "But I'm afraid America is not abroad."
  • "So you guys are interested in living and working abroad?"
  • "I also worked closely with study abroad offices from other universities."
  • "Fashion insiders predict that within two years D&C will be outsourcing abroad for cheaper labour and materials, eliminating the biggest advantage that D&C had over its competitors."

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