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although: bien que
Although their mother told them not to, the children went into the pool. Bien que leur mère leur ait dit de ne pas le faire, les enfants sont allés dans la piscine.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Although their mother told them not to, the children went into the pool.
US: I once went to Singapore, although I never left the airport.


  • "Although the media has been banned from the meetings, sources have reported yelling, dogs barking, and numerous bottles breaking during the negotiations."
  • "Although I am your king, I want you to think of me as a really handsome friend, that controls your lives in every way."
  • "No pigeons were harmed in the making of this film, although there are those who say they're pests, rats with wings."
  • "Although all these modes of transport leave a lot to be desired, I believe that the train option is the least likely to make you want to commit suicide."
  • "Your nose is like an eagle's beak, although you cannot smell!"
  • "Jeff (Australia) : Well, Brent, Australia is a Commonwealth nation, under the protection of the Queen of England, although we're independent."
  • "During my travels, however, I realized something: Although I'm an awesome person, my place is here, at the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Only three candidates remain, and although I can no longer remember what job these people are applying for, they must be very good at something to make it to this stage, which is very encouraging."
  • "Although we haven't recovered their bodies, we now bury the things that Bruno Delavigne and Horatio Oléré loved best: Bruno's dog Stink, and Horatio's monkey Giuseppe."
  • "Although I do love the XXX-files."

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