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amazing: incroyable, exceptionnel
I had an amazing two weeks in Brazil. J'ai passé deux semaines incroyables au Brésil.
She is an amazing singer. C'est une chanteuse exceptionnelle.
to be amazed at, by (something): être ébloui par (quelque chose)

Pronunciation examples
UK: This meal is amazing! I'm amazed by your cooking ability!
US: A compliment from you - I'm amazed!


  • "Samantha : If I may, sir, camels are amazing animals, and I am currently in a serious relationship with one, but there is no way that a camel could replace a human being at a highly skilled office job!"
  • "Icarus : Amazing!"
  • "You San Francisco tekkies are amazing!"
  • "Let's listen to this amazing first meeting with a chicken"
  • "Customer : This... this is amazing."
  • "In today's program we are going to take a special visit to the offices of the Delavigne Corporation where an amazing experiment is taking place."
  • "Amazing! Incredible!"
  • "- The amazing hippie clowns!"
  • "This juice store is amazing!"
  • "Amazing! Bruno : Me neither!"

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