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the Amazon: l'Amazone, l'Amazonie


  • "Susie : Well, Horatio says that this perfume was created from wild Amazonian fruits, so I thought a jungle motif might be appropriate."
  • "GOLD - Horatio OlerĂ© (Amazon)"
  • "Combining exotic Amazonian fruits with the gentle touch of aloe, TigerLily possesses a light, feminine, and fruity scent sure to please women of the most discerning tastes."
  • "Chapter 8: The Amazon years: casual nudity, Horatio OlĂ©rĂ© and dolphin hormones"
  • "PS - Also, please make sure Horatio is working next Friday, and not celebrating the Amazonian Shabbus, like he sometimes does."
  • "My name is Horatio OlĂ©rĂ©, and I'm, well, I am an Amazonian immigrant living illegally in the United States."
  • "Horatio's face was painted with what I can only assume to be traditional Amazonian facial markings, and his expression seemed bizarre: distant, yet intensely focused."
  • "And in the leopard-skin corner, all the way from the Amazon, Horatio "The Anaconda" OlĂ©rĂ©!"
  • "Despite his humble beginnings in the deepest, darkest Amazon, General OlĂ©rĂ© stood out like a shining star."

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