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Gratuit et sans engagement.


anywhere: partout, n'importe oĂč, quelque part


  • "Don't forget the number from anywhere in the world is 1-800-DR-DONNA, that's 1-800-DR-DONNA, and I'll talk to you about anything and everything."
  • "Leonard : So be it, but your boss won't be going anywhere after we've finished with him!"
  • "Icarus's mom : Icarus you are not going anywhere in this condition!"
  • "Anywhere you like... NO!"
  • "Moving on to September, a Funky Friday gave you the choice to go anywhere in the world: Brazil, Japan, underwater, Australia, but where did we go?"
  • "Moira : Those crazy Germans, they'll go anywhere to find a bit of sun."
  • "It could be anywhere!"
  • "Brian : But I read on the internet that you offer flights anywhere in the world for $300."
  • "Is there anywhere we can talk without being bothered?"
  • "Donna : Anywhere where you feel comfortable."

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