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Gratuit et sans engagement.


apparently: apparemment
Apparently, you didn't make it to the meeting either. Apparemment, vous n'étiez pas à la réunion non plus.


  • "Apparently, my job is so boring even a robot refuses to do it."
  • "Apparently, the painting reminds him very much of his grandmother, who was also red, ugly and had your signature on her bottom."
  • "Apparently, as his chosen heir, I'm going to inherit his estate."
  • "The "Smellies" will be broadcast live on network television in over 60 countries around the world, so this is a great opportunity for publicity, even if we don't win, though I've heard some rumours, and apparently we're the favourites!"
  • "Sigourney : That's all very nice, but apparently Miss BĂŒmBĂŒm and Mr Delavigne were seen..."
  • "Apparently he needs it for a new perfume."
  • "Apparently they've been surveying our communication for some time now."
  • "Apparently my grandfather insisted that I be married before receiving the inheritance."
  • "Philip : Well Edward, a guy from the FBI wants a microfiche, and apparently there's a microfiche hidden in your guitar."
  • "Apparently you have an "M.Sc."

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