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(I can't answer the phone) at the moment: (Je ne peux pas répondre) pour l'instant, actuellement
We use a similar expression to refer to past events: At that moment (in time), I was scared for my life.


  • "We're looking for surf instructors on the Yorke Peninsula at the moment."
  • "We're not here at the moment."
  • "I'm probably photocopying or making coffee at the moment, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I get permission to use the phone again."
  • "You are too angry to talk to someone at the moment, so you will be placed on hold until you have calmed down a bit."
  • "He's in a meeting at the moment."
  • "Actually, that suits me – the Australian Dollar is down against the US Dollar at the moment."
  • "But as you know, I'm working two jobs at the moment."
  • "Xavier : What are you doing at the moment, Brian?"
  • "Well this "app" I'm using at the moment is quite exciting."

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