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(You will find my CV) attached to this letter, to this email: (Vous trouverez mon CV) ci-joint, en piĂšce jointe
Note: strictly speaking, "please find enclosed" refers to a physical letter or package, while "please find attached" refers to emails (or letters which are not inside an envelope).


  • "Please learn the "Wiggelty Woggelty Wob" pledge of allegiance (attached as a PDF)."
  • "Attached to this email, you will find a detailed report of my plans to transform the Delavigne Corporation into an environmentally-friendly company that outperforms its competitors on every level."
  • "Please find attached to this email my report on Philip Cheeter, your impressive director of sales."
  • "Please find attached my resumĂ©. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting with you soon"
  • "Please find attached the earth's tax return."
  • "Attached to this email you will find a copy of my report on Miss Susan Bliss."
  • "Attached to this email you will find a copy of my report on Mr. Quincy."
  • "Attached to this email you will find a spreadsheet listing the size of the biggest email accounts in the company."
  • "Just to reassure you, I have attached to this email a photo of myself with several high-ranking ministers of government and military."

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