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to belong (to my dog): appartenir (à mon chien)
This cork-screw collection belongs to my father. Cette collection de tire-bouchons appartient à mon père.
the personal belongings les effets personnels
(Your skateboard) belongs (in the garage): La place de (ton skateboard) est (dans le garage)

Pronunciation examples
UK: I don't belong to you; you can't tell me what to do!
US: Never leave your personal belongings unattended at an airport.


  • "If this person belongs to you, or sounds like someone you know, please come to the hospital immediately, mmkay?"
  • "One more thing... Which party do you belong to Bruno?"
  • "Bruno : Brent, I'm happy to say that we have in fact reached an agreement with the International Fruit Concern, and that Miracle Juices now belongs to them."
  • "I belong to me, so don't call me "baby"."
  • "Horatio : It belonged to Joan Wayne... my lost love."
  • "So bring me your babies, just label them clearly so that I know which one belongs to whom. No one will get hurt, I promise."
  • "This next office belongs to Bob Carter, head of the IT department."
  • "In Sweden, more than a fifth of the population belongs to a union."
  • "If you ask me, those news items belong on the front page, in bold print in capital letters!"
  • "Krazy Gidyeon : Ok, so now these perfumes belong to Krazy Gidyeon."

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