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beloved: bien-aimé
noun, adjective
Note that the word "beloved" can be pronounced with either three syllables ("be-lov-ed") or two ("be-loved").
Beloved husband, devoted father, excellent surfer... He will be missed. Epoux bien-aimé, père dévoué, excellent surfer... Il nous manquera.
This book is beloved by children everywhere. Ce livre est aimé de tous les enfants.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Beloved husband, devoted father, excellent surfer. He will be missed.
US: This book is beloved by children everywhere.


  • "His shop has been left to his beloved grandson, Bruno, who shares Xavier's passion for perfumes."
  • "Yes, I demand recompense for the slaughter of my beloved companion, who served me so well over the years."
  • "Gymglish user, my beloved, I love you now, always and forever."
  • "Convinced that his beloved pet goldfish "Bubbles", a prize won at a local carnival, is in mortal peril, Thomas has quarantined Bubbles to a 6 by 6 by 6 inch glass bowl until a vaccine is discovered or doctors clear the fish for transport."
  • "Our beloved director of sales, and ex-president of Cheeterland, Philip Cheeter, recently completed a unique weekend seminar as part of Delavigne Corp's training program. Here's a excerpt from a recent email exchange between the two of us"
  • "Your beloved Ivana BümBüm has been photographed taking cocaine!"

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