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a board meeting: une réunion du conseil (d'administration)
Please be on time to the board meeting. Soyez à l'heure à la réunion du conseil d'administration.
the board: le conseil, la commission, le comité


  • "Bruno : I would like to welcome everyone to the final board meeting of this fiscal year."
  • "It's definitely worth bringing this up at the next board meeting."
  • "I often drink tequila out of a coconut shell during board meetings."
  • "I was elected during the last board meeting."
  • "I'm writing to let you know that our quarterly board meeting is scheduled for the 11th of December."
  • "No machetes during the board meetings."
  • "This is the last board meeting of the year, where we review this year's results, approve the budget for the upcoming year, and forecast next year's growth."

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