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busy: occupé, actif, chargé
Are you busy tonight? Es-tu pris ce soir?
Downtown is pretty busy at night. Le centre ville est assez fréquenté le soir.


  • "Brazilian 1 Minute massage: Providing busy professionals with all the benefits of a full body massage in a fraction of the time!"
  • "I haven't been this busy since we faked the moon landing."
  • "I'll be brief, as we're both busy people: You are the father of my child."
  • "He's a very busy man."
  • "Are you busy?"
  • "Steffi : I hope I do not disturb you, you must be a busy man."
  • "Don't you know how busy and important I am?"
  • "My servers could handle 10 times the traffic if they weren't busy apologizing for your shit code base."
  • "Not THE queen, she's very busy, but the rock group Queen."
  • "Bruno : I'm sorry Jean, I'm a busy guy."

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