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to compensate: indemniser, compenser, dédommager
Have you been compensated for your losses yet? Est-ce qu'on vous a déjà indemnisé pour vos pertes?
We're well-compensated here. Nous sommes bien indemnisés ici.
To compensate you for the network problems, we'd like to offer you a Dalmatian. En compensation de vos problèmes de réseau, nous souhaiterions vous offrir un dalmatien.
a compensation: une compensation, une indemnité, un dédommagement


  • "Sit back and wait for your compensation ."
  • "In the event of flight cancellations, compensation will be awarded."
  • "If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, we can help you get the compensation you deserve!"
  • "I'm confident that if we sue the supermarket for causing your accident, the compensation could be millions!"
  • "Here are the 4 GOLDEN STEPS to receive the compensation you probably deserve"
  • "For example, in 2006, the company sponsored the planting of thousands of trees to compensate for carbon emissions caused by our activities."
  • "I have included restaurant vouchers to the value of $300 to compensate you and your son for the discomfort caused, and look forward to seeing you in our restaurant in the near future."
  • "- Damaged goods must be reported immediately by telephone upon receipt of items. No claims for compensation can be made after three working days."
  • "This can become a serious problem when we consider that candidates may have legal grounds to sue the company who interviewed them for compensation due to discrimination."
  • "In both cases, this is not terribly, uh, serious, because our earnings more than compensate for these expenses."

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