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a condition: une condition
You can come, but there is one condition: you must call me Sir. Tu peux venir, mais à une condition: tu dois m'appeler Monsieur.
These men work in poor conditions. Ces hommes travaillent dans des conditions déplorables.
on condition that: à condition que, de
We have decided to hire you, on condition that you come to work on time every day. Nous avons décidé de vous engager, à condition que vous arriviez à l'heure tous les jours.
a condition (health): une maladie, un état (de santé)
Dans un contexte médical :
He has a heart condition. Il a une maladie du cœur.
Anosmia is a terrible condition. L'anosmie est une maladie terrible.
Plus généralement :
Zinedine Zidane came to the tournament in great condition. Zinedine Zidane est arrivé au tournoi en pleine forme.
As you can see, this car is in good condition. Comme vous pouvez le voir, cette voiture est en bon état.

Pronunciation examples
UK: That is one of the conditions of the agreement.
US: She can't go swimming because she has a heart condition.


  • "The doctor asks, "How long has she had this condition?"
  • "In addition to using all-natural ingredients, the new line (code-named "WorldBlends") is produced under humane conditions."
  • "He is currently in stable condition, and alternates between screaming and farting."
  • "Are we willing, to accept the terms and conditions of our arrangement?"
  • "In the event of my death, I bequeath the following to my grandson, Brian Alastair Sinclair Jones, on the condition that he be married... to a woman."
  • "Woman on cassette tape : Premature ejaculation is a common condition."
  • "Anosmia is a condition in which the sense of smell is reduced or lost entirely."
  • "So let's move on to the doors and windows: Are they in good condition?"
  • "We are curious about the conditions of the workers here at ChinaCorp Ltd."

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