Traduction Demand

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a demand: une demande, une exigence, une requête
to demand: exiger, réclamer
demanding: exigeant, astreignant, éprouvant


  • "As your Queen, I demand you return that crown immediately."
  • "Upon his arrival at Peacenikland airport, Philip Cheeter promptly took a taxi to the country's parliament and demanded to be crowned king."
  • "Do this task that I have demanded of you, and your redemption will be assured."
  • "I demand you!"
  • "I demand you to comply!"
  • "Brian : I demand recompense... Take a new companion... Fail in this mission, and my wrath will be swift and brutal... Aaah!"
  • "Yes, I demand recompense for the slaughter of my beloved companion, who served me so well over the years."
  • "Yes, I demand you to..."
  • "Kevin : They're planned at irregular intervals according to demand."

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