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Traduction Don't worry

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don't worry: ne vous inquiétez pas
Not to worry!: Il n'y a pas à s'inquiéter !


  • "But don't worry!"
  • "Don't worry about nothing, Fat Face."
  • "Philip : You're going to be late? Don't worry about it!"
  • "Edward : Don't worry Brian."
  • "Don't worry about him."
  • "Bruno : Don't worry sir, I'm sure we can work this out... Let's see... I think you should definitely wear the purple shirt with green stripes – it matches your ears."
  • "I will meet you Thursday evening at the factory, at 6.00 PM. Don't worry about bothering the employees, they are used to working irregular hours and shifts."
  • "Well, not to worry, Glen."
  • "Horatio : Don't worry Bruno."
  • "Philip : Thank you loyal subjects, I hope you enjoyed your new national anthem. Don't worry, you'll going to hear it again, every morning, every afternoon, and twice every night."

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