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easy: facile, évident, tranquille, simple
(she won) easily: (elle a gagné) facilement, aisément
I get tired easily. Je me fatigue facilement.


  • "Edward : Well, that's easy."
  • "May I suggest that next time you go to bed, go easy on the chocolate liqueurs."
  • "Well, mum and dad have been supportive, but coming back home is never easy."
  • "It's not easy to say this, but I'm leaving you."
  • "That was easier than I expected."
  • "You're probably wondering what exactly happened between Bruno and I, and to be honest it's not easy to explain."
  • "Queen : Oh it's quite easy."
  • "A B C, It's easy as 1 2 3"
  • "You will not murder me so easily."
  • "Nobody said it was easy"

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