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to elect (someone): élire, choisir (quelqu'un)


  • "Bruno : The board has elected a new CEO, Sylvio Mazerati."
  • "I mean why wasn't Horatio elected?"
  • "Philip : Yeah Susie, who elected you interim CEO?"
  • "Mazerati cautiously approached each individual, so it came as a total surprise to all involved when Mazerati was elected CEO by the D&C board last Tuesday."
  • "Many believe aliens are responsible for re-electing former US president George W."
  • "Does anyone remember who was elected President in my place?"
  • "I was elected during the last board meeting."
  • "Mr. Bumblefund, an investment banker at Greenback & Trust, has been elected by our shareholders to represent them at this meeting, and speaks on their behalf."
  • "Moira : Carry on eating those burgers, Brent, and you could be elected next year."

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