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an emergency: une urgence
in case of emergency en cas d'urgence
(an) emergency (test): (un test) d'urgence


  • "There will be no "emergencies" in this car."
  • "I've got my sun block: SPF 75, my aviator shades, three bottles of purified drinking water, two bags of fresh baby carrots, my travel journal and an empty mayonnaise jar... just in case of an emergency."
  • "I need you to file an emergency 567b... return to earth, effective immediately."
  • "Anyway, I need an emergency paternity test, you know the routine."
  • "It could be an emergency."
  • "This is an emergency!"
  • "Icarus : Alright, everybody, settle down, there's no reason to panic, even though this is an emergency, there's no reason to panic!"
  • "I need you to file an emergency 567b... return to Earth, effective immediately."
  • "Due to an emergency, I will not be present this afternoon to interview candidates for the new janitor job at Delavigne."

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