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England: l'Angleterre


  • "I've been invited to speak at the British-American Perfumers' Forum in London, England."
  • "England needs your help."
  • "Milk Bar and Casino, 33 Penny Lane, London, England."
  • "Before we begin, let us observe a brief moment of silence in the honour of her majesty the queen of England."
  • "In the pink corner, all the way from Oxford, England, Brian "The Butcher" Jones!"
  • "Brent : Hello everyone, I'm Brent Vanderplop reporting live from London, England."
  • "The celebration of their love will take place on Friday, the twenty-fifth of August at three o'clock at Sacred Heart Cathedral, 1669 Fudgejunction Road, London, England."
  • "Since we left England, Susie and I have had quite an adventure."
  • "Don't even think about moving Edward, or I'll blow your pale arse back to England."
  • "They're very concerned about England."

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