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experienced: expérimenté
to experience (a divorce): faire l'expérience de, connaître, vivre (un divorce)


  • "Must be cool under pressure, stress-resistant, work well both independently and within a team. We are looking for a detail-oriented, reliable and experienced team leader."
  • "Brent : Candy, I don't think London has seen "smog" since 1952, when it experienced "the great smog of 1952"."
  • "I am comfortable in high-pressure situations, and I work well both independently and within a team. In addition to my secretarial and research skills, I am an experienced event planner, having arranged Bingo Night for three consecutive years, one of the government's most popular evenings."
  • "Call experienced Guitar teacher Edward Moon and learn to play today!"
  • "The Delavigne Corporation, a worldwide leader in cosmetics, seeks an experienced, qualified professional to manage the new customer service department in San Francisco."
  • "Luna : But sir, this is no replacement for an experienced HR executive."

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