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fast: rapide, vite
adjective, adverb
to fast: jeûner
(to break) the fast: (rompre) le jeûne
The term breakfast is made up of the words "break" and "fast". The term literally refers to "breaking" or ending a "fast" (the period in which nothing is eaten).


  • "Klaus : Faster!"
  • "Olaf : Faster!"
  • "The Emerald city - as fast as lightning!"
  • "It was the fastest interview of my life..."
  • "They move fast now, don't they?"
  • "Another claim Smithson makes is that stress can be a good thing for pregnant women and their babies, citing "faster nerve transmission and perhaps even a greater brain development" in babies whose mothers had been subjected to moderate stress in mid-to-late pregnancy."
  • "Olaf : Come on driver, just drive faster!"
  • "it's faster."
  • "Everybody was kung-fu fighting, those kicks were fast as lightning."

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