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a favor (US), a favour (UK): une faveur, un service
to do (somebody) a favor (US), a favour (UK) rendre un service à (quelqu'un)
to favor (US), to favour (UK): préférer, être pour, favorable à


  • "I realize that it's your job to do me favors, but I like being polite."
  • "Bruno : Do me a favor."
  • "I need you to do me a favor."
  • "They tend to favor deregulation of business and industry."
  • "I will be getting in touch directly with your corporate offices in order to do us both the favor of voiding our current contract."
  • "I have a really big favour to ask you."
  • "I've been working on that favour you asked me for."
  • "Thanks – I really appreciate all the favors you do for me, even if they are expected of you."
  • "Anyway, I need a favor."
  • "But listen Pedro, I've got to ask you a favor."

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