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finally: finalement, en dernier lieu, enfin
They are finally gone. Ils sont enfin partis.


  • "Brian : Finally a bit of good news."
  • "Voiceover : Finally, there's a talking shark at the beach, and he looks hungry!"
  • "Marlene : Finally, someone who understands my humour."
  • "Finally, I know which question to ask the tree!"
  • "Narrator : Finally, on the third week of their journey, the impossible happened."
  • "Brian : Finally, some business!"
  • "Narrator: And finally we move to the office of CEO Bruno Delavigne, where Special Assistant Brian Jones has been replaced by a camel."
  • "Narrator : Finally, the moment of truth has arrived."
  • "Finally, Mr. Brian Jones."
  • "Reverend : Now, Edward Moon and Jean Marron are going to sing a song to Philip before he finally departs."

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