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to finish (one's homework): finir (ses devoirs)
(I'm) finished with (the mission): (j'ai) terminé (la mission)
Soulignons l'emploi de l'auxiliaire to be (I am finished), comme on le dit couramment en anglais américain, pour une construction qui en français emploie l'auxiliaire "avoir" ("j"ai fini').
a finish: une fin, une finition, une clôture


  • "Luna, just finished my weekend session at Royal Rehab."
  • "I must go and finish torturing questioning BrianBot."
  • "Friday : To finish the week in style, our twisted tycoon was seen burning hundred dollar bills to light Cuban cigars in a Las Vegas night club."
  • "Now, go finish your homework."
  • "Philip : One more apology, and I am so finished!"
  • "Well, now that we're finished with the tour, let's go into the "Purple room" so I can introduce you to your fellow crazies!"
  • "I have finished my tour of the company and it is worse than I thought: not only has Delavigne become a faceless, money-grabbing corporation, but it has also lost its "music"!"
  • "I attended 4 out of 5 sessions before I had to invade Poland, but I'm sure that if I had finished the program, it would have made a big difference -Adolph H, Germany."
  • "After finishing his studies, Philip took a..."
  • "We'll be finished by then."

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