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(Give me the money) first (then we'll talk): (Donne moi l'argent) d'abord (et après nous parlerons)
(my) first (job): (mon) premier (emploi)
at first: tout d'abord, au début
first things first: chaque chose en son temps


  • "Now, the first thing we're going to do is..."
  • "Do not stop for tea first."
  • "Marlene : Here's my first joke: a kangaroo walks into a bar and asks for a whiskey."
  • "Bruno : I first met Betty on a blind date a couple of months ago at a bar."
  • "I'm joined in the cockpit by my co-pilot in training, Randy Williams. Randy happens to be blind, but we're happy to have him with us on his first flight."
  • "First up: Philip Cheeter."
  • "" were Philip's first words."
  • "At the same time, Philip developed a talent for sales while travelling door to door with his father and selling first hot dogs, then toasters, and eventually insurance policies."
  • "I will read the sentence first, to let you know how it SHOULD be pronounced: Is that horse reading a book or ironing some clothes, mmkay?"
  • "To say thank you for all your hard work lately, and to celebrate our moderately successful first quarter sales, I'm pleased to announce that the senior staff of the Delavigne Corporation will be taking a team-building trip this weekend!"

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