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(a case of) food poisoning: une intoxication alimentaire
to poison: empoisonner, intoxiquer


  • "Bruno had been poisoned and his body mutilated in many ways - cigarette burns, bullet wounds, stab wounds, teeth marks, etc."
  • "I have been informed that the quantities of poison consumed by your son were too small to pose a threat to his life."
  • "I suggest you contact the poison control center immediately."
  • "In fact, the police have informed us that this food poisoning was caused by environmental extremists."
  • "Brian : Oh no, maybe you have food poisoning from the restaurant?"
  • "You're lucky you didn't get food poisoning, and seafood is always so damned costly."
  • "Subject: Alleged food poisoning"
  • "Bruno's dog, Stink, was found with a small bottle of poison (cyanide) attached to his dog collar."
  • "Subject: Food poisoning"
  • "It is my unfortunate task to inform you that you have poisoned my son, Mr. Icarus Archibald Quincy."

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