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gentle: doux, délicat
He has gentle hands. Il a les mains douces.
gently: doucement


  • "Sir, the best thing to do is wash off all the make-up from your face using a gentle facial cleanser."
  • "Wake up gentle travelers."
  • "Combining exotic Amazonian fruits with the gentle touch of aloe, TigerLily possesses a light, feminine, and fruity scent sure to please women of the most discerning tastes."
  • "Hello gentle staffers"
  • "String quartets serenade you, as you whisper "I love you" in the gentle breeze."
  • "Glen : Everyone please close your eyes, touch your thumb gently to your index finger, and chant with me... Ommmmmm. Brian, why don't you lead us off?"
  • "You are so gentle."

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