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to go on: continuer, passer
Let's go on to the next subject. Passons au point suivant.
to go on stage entrer en scène
Go on! (Get out of here!): Allez ! (Sortez d'ici !)
Go on, (I'm listening): Continuez, (je vous écoute)
Please, go on. We're listening. Je vous prie de continuer. Nous vous écoutons.


  • "Today I bring you two new initiates. Go on! Go on!"
  • "Not literally, of course. Go on."
  • "Jenny : Yes, go on and tell us Susie."
  • "As you know, these meetings are an opportunity for us to discuss what is going on in this crazy world, because often we're so busy with our daily responsibilities that we don't take the time to see what's really going on around us!"
  • "Go on! Go on!"
  • "I said, "Horatio you've got to go on without me"..."
  • "Philip : Huh, unexpected. Go on."
  • "Hannah : Go on then, make it do something, show me its "apps"."
  • "Some of us will go on to University."
  • "Horatio, you've got to go on without me!"

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