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Goodbye (or Good bye), Bye, Bye bye (now): Au revoir


  • "Edward : Goodbye Bruno, we lost you too soon"
  • "Euuuh... bye!"
  • "Philip (singing) : I'm a twenty-first century guy, I don't care when Hannah says "Bye"..."
  • "LATERS MATE I GOTTA SCARPER (Goodbye my friend, I must leave)"
  • "Bruno : Bye."
  • "It's time to say goodbye to your lame regime of peace, non-violence and general contentment."
  • "Brian : Bye!"
  • "Day 27.2 : Horatio says goodbye too, and remember to feed his monkeys."
  • "Bye bye bad news, hello good, good news!"
  • "Jean : Goodbye Françoise."

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