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a grandfather: un grand-père
a grandmother, a grandma: une grand-mère


  • "In closing, I'd just like to dedicate this moment to my grandfather, Xavier Delavigne."
  • "Grandfather Xavier is back from the dead!"
  • "Bruno : Maybe I should go live in France with Grandpa Xavier."
  • "Bruno : Grandfather Xavier?"
  • "I hope you like it... Grandpa?"
  • "Dad : Oh, believe me, I grew up with Grandpa Xavier, and plenty of people think he's weird."
  • "Bruno : But Dad, Grandpa Xavier loves perfumes, and no one thinks he's weird."
  • "Brian Jones (on intercom) : Bruno, there's a guy here who says he's your grandfather... Xavier Delavigne?"
  • "My grandmother used to take me there when I was little."
  • "I purchased an old soviet submarine on e-bay with the money my grandfather left me."

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