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(my) grandson: (mon) petit-fils
(my) granddaughter: (ma) petite-fille


  • "Willy the security guard says his grandson is looking for an internship: maybe we could interview him?"
  • "He was known as the "Father of Fragrance", but it was his grandson Bruno who brought international recognition to the Delavigne name."
  • "In the event of my death, I bequeath the following to my grandson, Brian Alastair Sinclair Jones, on the condition that he be married... to a woman."
  • "His shop has been left to his beloved grandson, Bruno, who shares Xavier's passion for perfumes."
  • "My grandson William married a peasant called Kate!"
  • "Xavier is survived by his son Marc and his grandsons Bruno and Felix."
  • "Ah, here we are: It is my desire to bequeath the football club, Real Fudgenudge FC, to my grandson."

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