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a hand: une main
to hand (over) (something) to (somebody): passer, donner (quelque chose) à (quelqu'un)


  • "Thank you, BrianBot, your metallic hands are surprisingly tender."
  • "As her delicate hands served each dish, each more exquisite than the last, my mind started to wander and I began to imagine a future with Betty by my side, maybe even as my wife."
  • "Hands against the wall."
  • "Bob the Brit : Alright, let me see those hands in the air, tough guy!"
  • "Bruno : Shake his hand Brian, he's a frigging robot!"
  • "He needs a comforting hand to stroke him."
  • "Don't you dare move those hands!"
  • "Why don't you hold hands?"
  • "Washing your hands after visiting the men's room"
  • "When we crossed paths in the corridor last month, I felt something deep in my bosom. At first I thought it was destiny, but now I realize it was your hand touching me inappropriately."

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