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Gratuit et sans engagement.


to hate: détester, haïr
It's too bad that they hate each other. Il est dommage qu'ils se détestent.
I hate walking home late at night by myself. J'ai horreur de rentrer Ă  pied chez moi tout seul la nuit.
I hate to interrupt, but I have to get going now. Je suis désolé de vous interrompre mais je dois m'en aller.
hatred: la haine

Pronunciation examples
UK: I hate walking home late at night by myself.
US: I hate to interrupt, but I have to get going.


  • "How about the fact that I hate my son?"
  • "Actually, I hate them."
  • "He's such a jerk face and I hate him so much!"
  • "Horse : (thinking) I hate my life."
  • "So many of my au pairs hate laughter."
  • "Though the details of Stink's gruesome murder are still hazy, I'm sure that you understand my deep and pervasive hatred for you, and by extension, all things British."
  • "Philip : OK, OK, OK, seriously, first of all, I hate you guys."
  • "To send a clear message to this racist I urge you to meet me in the canteen at 5pm tomorrow to design "anti-hate" posters."
  • "General Rainbow Child : The audience hated all my acts, Brian."

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