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to have, to get a look (at something): examiner, jeter un coup d'œil (à qque chose)
Could you have a look at my ankle? I think it's broken. Pouvez-vous examiner ma cheville? Je pense qu'elle est cassée.


  • "I have made an appointment with the warehouse manager, Mr. Jiou, so that I can have a look at the stock for myself."
  • "Brian : Ok, let me just have a quick look."
  • "Horatio : Ok, I go have a look."
  • "You don't mind if I open your bag and have a look inside?"
  • "Edward : Erm, can I have a look at the flat as well?"
  • "Hannah : Ok, let's have a look."
  • "Then we turned and shook as we had a look in the room where the dead men lay"
  • "I'd quite like to get a closer look at the product if I may."
  • "Kevin : Okay, okay, okay, let me have a look... Everything seems to be in order... but, but oh, but listen, there seems to be some bad resonance."
  • "Mr. Jiou : Let me have a look at that."

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