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to help someone out: aider quelqu'un


  • "You know what... if you give me the darn list, maybe I can help you out."
  • "I just thought you wanted to help out!"
  • "But to help me out is our Brazilian correspondent, João Carlos do Sabino, who's reporting on a women's beach volleyball tournament down in that fabulous city, Rio de Janeiro, João?"
  • "It's kind of you to help me out with the reading of my grandfather's will."
  • "I'm doing a story about Harold Warbuckle, could you help out by answering a few questions?"
  • "Perhaps you're saving to buy an apartment, or planning a family: we'll help you out every step of the way."
  • "My friend Bruno Delavigne told me about a lawyer friend of his who might be able to help us out!"
  • "And we have a special guest to help us out."

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