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Traduction Help yourselves

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Help yourself (to biscuits!): Servez-vous (en biscuits !)
You are welcome to help yourself to the cake. Je vous en prie, servez-vous du gâteau.


  • "I remind you once again press kits are available all around the room. Please help yourselves."
  • "Oh, help yourself."
  • "It's also my favorite fragrance, so I always keep a bottle in the bathroom. When he's got the urge to burn something, he just helps himself!"
  • "Can I help myself to refreshments now?"
  • "Please help yourself to a glass of cold water, but you should know that's all the water you'll get for the next two weeks of the convention!"
  • "Help yourselves dudes, and let's totally party like it's 1999!"
  • "And helped myself to a generous plate"
  • "And helped myself to a plate"

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