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Gratuit et sans engagement.


hopefully: avec un peu de chance
Hopefully, they won't charge us for checking out a half an hour late. Avec un peu de chance, ils ne factureront pas le fait qu'on ait quitté la chambre avec une demi-heure de retard.


  • "Hopefully, you'll find some much-needed perspective on the direction you've taken professionally."
  • "Please listen to his advice and remember: he's here to help (and hopefully impress people in high places)."
  • "Eh, Hopefully, I'll be outside smoking a cigarette."
  • "Now, I'm off to my local bar for a local beer, hopefully I won't be eaten by a local bear!"
  • "The book will be privately published and given to 500 of our most exclusive clients to reward them for their loyalty (and hopefully make us look pretty cool)."
  • "It really changed my perspective on management, hopefully for the better!"
  • "Hopefully, I'll be outside smoking a cigarette."
  • "Please tell your friends about the ceremony, and tune in and watch us hopefully take home a "Smelly"!"
  • "Hopefully we can wrap things up quickly and head to the bar."
  • "Hopefully it will be the last."

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