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an immigrant: un immigrant


  • "Some pesky reporter found out there's an illegal immigrant who's been working at my ranch for years now."
  • "As an immigrant myself, I struggled with a lot of red tape before I was finally awarded American citizenship."
  • "Boston is also known for its large population of Irish and Italian immigrants!"
  • "Please note that this product is only designed for legal immigrants."
  • "This starter pack is designed to give recent immigrants* to the USA a user-friendly introduction to life in the United States of America."
  • "Everybody knows that you speak perfect English, so you should stop disguising yourself as a lovable, mild-mannered immigrant."
  • "My name is Horatio Oléré, and I'm, well, I am an Amazonian immigrant living illegally in the United States."
  • "America has always been generous to our immigrants, if they're willing to work hard, they can be part of our great nation."
  • "I know there are possibly some laws that grant amnesty to certain illegal immigrants."
  • "Jean : I love Italian immigrants!"

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