Traduction In a month's time

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(I'll be back) in a month's time!: (Je serai de retour) dans un mois, d'ici un mois !


  • "The next shipment is scheduled for four weeks' time."
  • "Philip : Four weeks' time?"
  • "Where do you see yourself in ten years' time?"
  • "That's why I'm prepared to let you get your hands on La Potion de Papi in just two weeks' time: two and a half months before anyone else."
  • "I'll send you a report in about two weeks."
  • "Edward : Sorry, I meant 5 years' time."
  • "You should arrive in Plymouth in about four hours' time."
  • "Who's to say that in ten years' time, we won't be experiencing another ice age?"
  • "In ten years' time, all jobs will be done by robots."
  • "Crème de la Crème will be hitting the shelves in a few months' time."

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