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the insurance: l'assurance, la garantie, la couverture
an insurance policy une police d'assurance


  • "I wanted to get some more information about our vehicle insurance policy."
  • "Ouch Insurance will pay to repair your vehicle up to its market value."
  • "At the same time, Philip developed a talent for sales while travelling door to door with his father and selling first hot dogs, then toasters, and eventually insurance policies."
  • "Further to our conversation, here is a brief summary of the current policy you hold with Ouch Insurance."
  • "The trip is funded 100% by the company, including the mandatory bear insurance."
  • "Mr. Smith here from Bristol Insurance."
  • "Insurance type Description Insurance limit for damages"
  • "You have a $500 deductible on your comprehensive and collision coverage, meaning that Ouch Insurance will pay for any damages above this amount."
  • "Ouch Insurance"

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